Inspection And Testing

electrical testingOver time electrical installations deteriorate from age and use, these should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use.
Such safety checks are commonly referred to as ‘periodic inspection and testing’.




An electrical inspection and test will:

  • Reveal any electrical circuits that have been overloaded.
  • Discover any potential electric shock or fire hazards.
  • Identify any defective electrical work or work not complying with past or current regulations
  • Check for any lack of earthing or bonding.


How often is a periodic inspection required?

Electrical installations should be inspected and tested every:

  • 10 years for a domestic home or change of occupancy.
  • 5 years for a rented accommodation.
  • 3 years for a caravan
  • 1 year for a swimming pool.

What will I get with an electrical condition report?

  • At the end of the inspection and test you will receive a digitally printed report
  • This report will highlight any defects or omissions from the current regulations
  • The report will list recommendations on any observations found during the test
  • A reminder when your nest report is due

How much will it cost

  • prices start from as little as £75+VAT
  • Prices vary with the size of the installation and how many circuits need testing
  • Contact us for a no obligation quotation